Demand Side Management

Demand Side Management is another name for energy conservation. The goal is to lower the demand for electricity and natural gas as much as possible on an ongoing basis. An energy conservation / demand side management program seeks to reduce client energy use on a permanent basis through the installation of energy efficient technologies. Beezley Energy Advisors will work with you to examine the need for lighting sensors, computer terminal controls, and other energy wasting items throughout your facility. BEA can also help with upgraded lighting, controls, HVAC, water conservation and backup power systems for your facility.

A common example of energy efficiency is the installation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting in place of incandescent and florescent lighting and obtaining the same level of illumination for significantly less energy use. Given advances in lighting technology, it is possible to do a comprehensive retrofit of all types of exterior and interior lighting. LED’s have shown the ability to significantly reduce electricity load by as much as 50%. Lighting typically represents about 30% of the entire organizational electrical load. In addition, and importantly, LED lights are showing a significant level of reliability such that a retrofit will significantly reduce day-to-day lighting maintenance requirements.