Project Commissioning

Project Commissioning is a way to formalize quality control of installed PV systems. Commissioning ensures that systems are safe, high performing, performing property and the owner’s requirements have been met. Commissioning also verifies and documents that the performance of facilities, systems and assemblies meet defined objectives and criteria. There are several tasks that take place during the Commissioning phase:

  • Verify that applicable equipment and systems are installed according to the contract documents, manufacturer’s recommendations and industry accepted minimum standards.
  • Verify that installing contractors perform adequate operation checkout.
  • Verify and document proper performance of equipment and systems.
  • Verify that the operations and maintenance (O&M) documentation left on-site is complete.
  • Verify that the owner’s operating personnel are adequately trained.
  • Verify that the installation is safe.
  • Verify that the installation is complete.
  • Verify that the installation is aesthetically acceptable.
  • Verify that all components of the installation are robust and permanent.
  • Document as-built conditions.
  • Verify system performance.
  • Verify proper system operation.
  • Establish performance benchmarks.
  • Complete any required acceptance documentation.

Most of the commissioning work will occur just after the PV installation is complete and the system is ready to be turned on for the first time.