Vendor Selection

The energy conservation and renewable energy marketplace has grown rapidly over the last several years with many firms offering goods and services. As with any endeavor of this type, some of these firms are quite skilled, knowledgeable and effective. Other firms are less so. Beezley Energy Advisors works actively to stay knowledgeable about the industry and the many players working in the industry. Beezley Energy Advisors does not manufacture any product, favor any technology or prefer any vendor. As your representative, we work only to advance your interest and assure that you get best life cycle value and maximum savings. Based on the mutually developed procurement process, Beezley Energy Advisors principals will review all bids and proposals received with you to determine which vendor has offered the preferred good or service that is most advantageous to you. We will help with contract negotiation and inspection of proposed products to assure that you get maximum value and performance over the entire project life cycle.