Project Analysis

As your independent sustainable design and alternative energy Consultant and Advisor, BEA will guide you through each phase of the project development process, from inception to completion. We will conduct an initial feasibility assessment to verify that you are a suitable candidate for energy conservation and/or renewable energy conversion, and estimate your energy cost savings. We will then assist in procuring project financing, reaching out to installation providers, making sure you obtain all available rebates and financial incentives, managing the competitive vendor selection process, and overseeing the installation of energy conservation and renewable energy systems on your behalf. BEA’s approach enables you to evaluate and implement a program of sustainable design and onsite renewable energy generation, with no upfront capital investment or operating risk. This allows you to “go green” and reduce your energy costs, without dipping into your already constrained operating budget.

We will work with you to create a suitable financial vehicle that allows you to conserve energy and purchase the renewable energy you generate on your rooftop, parking area or grounds at prices well below prevailing utility rates. The system itself is owned and maintained by a third-party vendor, selected competitively by you with our help. Or, if you prefer, BEA will assist you in obtaining the most cost effective system, through a capital purchase program. In either case, we are there with you, every step of the way.